fredag 27 mars 2015

The Eat Right Food at Staunton St SoHo HK

Today we are proud to anounce the Days lunch at a Restaurant in SoHo Hong kong. Today it happens to be Eat Right in SoHo Central at Staunton St. Since food programme is the Eat right Food programme. But first we wish to thank SoHo HK, Martin Lorentsson, Restaurant SoHo.


27 March 2015) Fridag


Pumpkin Soup

Rocket (Aragular) w Blue

Cheese Salad

Restaurant SoHo HK


Beef Steak w Mashed Potato

& Broccoli

Seafood Curry w Brown Rice

Tofu Spaghetti


Strawberry Choco

Piccolo Latte or Tea

SoHo HK Menu

måndag 23 mars 2015

Healthy Glowing Brides Eat Right Food Programme by Martin Lorentsson

Martin Lorentsson s  food program can help brides-to-be become the most beautiful version of themselves in their dream wedding gowns. he adrenaline rush you got when he proposed may surge even higher after you said "yes" _ With a wedding on its way, there are just way too many to arrange! In between the nine-to-five job, there arc invites to send, gowns to by on, and reception to plan for — leaving little time and energy to banish that excess fat and tone up.
Wedd in Glow
Wedd in Glow

All the workouts may be in vain if you are not mindful of the calories you taking in. In fact, eating right and healthy should be high on the agenda for the bride-to-be, as well as a wholesome habit to be developed even after exchanging weepy Vows With an excellent track record in helping brides-to-be slim down and 100k their best healthily, Swedish fitness instructor and nutrition expert Martin Lorentsson has recently
developed a hassle-free food program to offer time-strapped engaged women the energy and nutrition needed to soft Out wedding chores. Joining the Eat Right Food Program is like hiring a knowledgeable personal chef Who is aware of your dietary needs Upon consultation, (Whey and Kosttillskott)
freshly carefully planned meals tailored to precise needs will be delivered to the door every day, fueling the bodies with well-rounded menus throughout the day.
Delectable meals made Of natural and fresh ingredients are packed in special Modified Atmosphere packaging (MAP) to ensure the quality in terms of taste, texture and appearance. With the program, instead of wasting energy on panicking about the weight you may be gaining, time can finally be spent on making
this once-in-a-life-time moment perfect It is also the best start to embark on a brand new life as newly-weds, as the program can be extended after the wedding to help achieve individual health goals and control health problems like diabetes and heart disease. Thanks for all the attention! Hälsokostbutik, Catering, SoHo HK, Restaurant SoHo Hong Kong.

Address: 23 Staunton Street, Central
The Full monty
The Full monty
The Office Heavy Hitter
The Office Heavy Hitter

Food Programme The Bare Necessities
Food Programme Bare Necessities
 The Bare Necessities
Food packages are delivered five days a week, consisting of two main meals — either breakfast, lunch or dinner — as well as two snacks. This plan is favoured by working parents who never compromise on mealtimes with the family. 
The Eat Right Food Programme

And here we can se how Martin Lorentsson speaks about his brainchild the Eat Right Food Programme

The Eat Right Food channel at YouTube has been kind to carry the messages qualitatively just for this one.
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Good friends are hard to Find

tisdag 11 november 2014

Food Programme

Food Programme is a Catering programme form Eat Right Restaurant in SoHo Central. The Food Programme is for everyone who wants a higher degrees of fitness and use of ones self in potential and practical ways.

Lorentsson Lorentsson 

What we need

what we get and how we get it

and the driving algorithm in the Metrics of the mind

What we can learn

What we can learn from reality of the practiced 

Shoe Lingo

or how

School lingoes the pedagogics in the metrics of the mind

Dinner at Restaurant Eat Right 23 Staunton Street some dinner menu
Dinner Eat Right 23 Staunton Street Hong Kong
This is an photo from Eat Right at 23 Staunton St SoHo
Hong Kong
From where the Eat Right Food Programme once emanated

EatRIGHT foodprogramme
weight loss programme designe for you

The Food Programme by
Martin Lorentsson